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Congrats to all the players that made to the All Star teams
by posted 06/09/2017

Make sure to come out and support the all stars team for 2017.  Check out who made it to the teams this season:

Team… 12U   11U   10U (ORANGE)   10U (BLUE)
Player… Benjamin Morales   Anthony Temesevary   Alonso Amarillos   Anthony Yepez
Player… Brandon Parker   Cameron Brewer   Andrew Charney   Caleb Lamay
Player… Cheyenne Arnold   Casey Richardson   Blake Steinbacher   Cameron Daniels
Player… Dillon Bonner   James Dell 'Amico   Brendan O'Brien   Cedric Taylor
Player… Erik Maldonado   Jaxon Bernard   Canon King   Dorian Smulovitz
Player… Evan Smith   Jimmy Lincoln   CJ Hughes   Ernie Zepeda
Player… Jeremy Turner-Jeter   Jonas Woodworth   Ethan Fields   Hudson Ross
Player… Jordan Garrett   Mason Edwards   George Virzi   Hunter Collett
Player… Josh James   Noah Smith   Luca Marucci   Jack Vatcher
Player… Miguel Ortiz   Shane Florez   Lucas Crother-Collado   Jackson Alba
Player… Raul Ledezma   Zack Gresham   Malakye Matsumoto   Jake Collins
Player… Remi Bunickewicz       Nathan Rios   Nicholas Whiteman
Player… Tamairick Attaway       Nicholas Roque   Rio Loo
Player…             Aidan Ward
Manager: Tony Garrett   Chris Richardson   Dale Steinbacher   Jake Alba (Manager)
Coach: Lawrence Bonner   Keven Dell 'Amico   Ethan Fields Sr.   Andy Collett (Manager)
Coach: Manny Maldonado   Ira Smith   Rafa Martinez   Calvin Daniels
Asst. Coach: Dave Parker   Tony Florez   Jeff Piontek   Jim Vatcher
Asst. Coach: Eloy Morales   Shane Woodsworth   Seth King    
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Play Ball - Keeping Perspective
by posted 01/26/2017

Free Clinic in Playa Del Rey - Photo by Janete Weinstein


“Youth sports have the potential to offer great benefits to your child, but it's up to you to make sure they have a fair chance by keeping your perspective that baseball is just a game.”


(WLL) -- Sports can bring out competitiveness in everyone. It can be easy to get caught up in the game and become emotional, especially when your kid is the one in a high-pressure situation like being the batter in the final inning with two outs, runner on third, and it's a tied game.

Parents often take great pride in their children's athletic success when for example, their child gets a hit in this situation, but too often also show negative emotion when their child strikes out. If your athlete's success is linked to your self-esteem as a parent, or maybe if you have high hopes for your child to play at higher levels, then emotional reactions can creep in and become more likely to happen. 

At the end of the day, baseball is just a game, it's supposed to be fun and enjoyable for everyone involved. In a year, it won't matter if someone made an error in the second inning of today's game.

Youth sports have the potential to offer great benefits to your child, but it's up to you to make sure they have a safe environment to participate in this wonderful game. It's not the end-all-be-all, and it definitely isn't your child's job or profession! By keeping the perspective that little league baseball is just games that offers a place for your child to grow then you can stay on track. Youth sports also offer the parent an opportunity to grow as a mentors to your child, so take those moments to build up you kid and encourage your kid when they fall short. Enjoy the game and the benefits, no one is getting paid, yet...

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See you at the yard! 

Coach Alba talking to the athletes - Photo: Janete Weinstein



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