Westchester Little League

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  • Tonight's Games: 10U Blue vs. 10U Orange @ 5:15pm (at Nielson); 12U vs. Del Rey @ 7:30pm (at HollyPark)
Welcome to the Westchester Little League Baseball

Help us create and share priceless baseball moments in our community.

As the Westchester Little League Baseball grows, we look forward to eternalizing moments to be shared with the future generations of our community.  We have a Facebook and an Instagram page. Please post, share and tag us. The league's official hashtag is #PlayballWLL.

Follow us for the official countdown pictures posted exclusively on our Social Media!


Let's PLAYBALL Westchester

LA Xtreme Local Summer Baseball Camps
3 Camps : June 19-23
           July 5-7
               July 17-21
From 9am - 3pm
Run by Xtreme’s Top Travel Ball Coaches
Marine Sports Complex at Aviation & Marine (Just south of Rosecrans)
More Camp Info : www.LAXBA.com